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How to Figure Out What You Really Want Your Life To Look Like

It's hard to see what lies in front of us. Who we're meant to be. What we're meant to do.

Sometimes we have a big dream in our hearts that we're just not sure how to make happen or where to even start. Sometimes we don't even know what our lives should possibly look like, and yet we know we're meant for more. More purpose. More fulfillment. More abundance. Just more.

But we can't get past what's right in front of us to have clarity around what's possible and what life could really look like.

So today I wanna offer a few ways to start where you are in order to then figure out where you wanna be. Because you don't really have to "figure out" what your life needs to look like.

You just need to find a direction. A starting point that can be your guide. A lighthouse that will make things more clear for you as you move closer to it.

And that starts by doing just a few simple things right now in order to understand what you want.

And as you do these more and more, the clarity will come....

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How Many Goals To Focus On And Manifest At One Time

 Sometimes we get caught up in the expectations of having to always be going after these huge, lofty goals and constantly be expecting ourselves to do more and be more.

But how much is really enough to get us closer to our ambitions and to feeling like we're moving forward in our lives while at the same time giving ourselves the grace we need to take things one step at a time and just breathe?

We don't always have to be hustling. We don't always have to be going a million miles a minute. And cramming tons of goals into our agendas isn't going to leave us feeling excited and inspired to keep going at the end of the day. It's just gonna lead to overwhelm and exhaustion and giving up.

So how can we find that line where we're still moving forward but be present to enjoy our lives?

Once again, we come to the idea of the masculine and the feminine. The balance of all that we are. The merging of our ambitions with our intuition. And the purity of existence in a state of...

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