3 Ways To Raise Your Awareness & Contribute Right Where You Are

If you’re at home in 2020 and trying to figure out what your role is in supporting the planet right now, then I’ve shared my thoughts on the top 3 things we can do from right where you are.

This is a mind, body, and spirit approach that offers a more feminine energy to the healing that needs to be done. If you’re not on the front lines as a first responder and aren’t able to proactively support the effort to suppress the virus, then you can still definitely take a more holistic, spiritual approach to our healing as a collective. We are all connected, and this is an important time to start really bringing that into our awareness and questioning how to move forward in that respect.

Please watch the video by clicking on it below, and I’ll be sending you lots of light and love as we go through this journey. ❤

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