5 Step Morning Ritual To Energetically Set Yourself Up For Success

Do you ever have mornings where you wake up and immediately start stressing about the day, all that you've got to do, or what's coming?

Many times as soon as we wake up we immediately switch our brains onto what we’re supposed to be doing and what needs to get done, and before we even have a chance to focus and ease into things, we’re already going a mile a minute.

But what if you instead began the day with a greater sense of peace and confidence knowing exactly where to put your energy to achieve what felt successful to you?

In this video, I talk about five steps you can take to create a morning ritual for yourself that changes how you energetically go into your day, stay focused on what matters, and set yourself up for success right off the bat. To watch, just click play on the video below. 

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Video Transcript:

Do you ever have those mornings where you just wake up already feeling the stress of the day, where you're just waking up immediately and already thinking about all the things that need to happen and everything that's going to be going on throughout the day. And it's really stressful, right when we wake up. 

Today, we're going to talk about how you can actually change that. And start your morning with a ritual that allows you to go into your day with more positive energy, a higher vibe, and gives you a really good intention as you go forward.

Okay, sweet friends. So today, we are talking about how you can go into your day with more high vibration, more positive energy, and really focusing on what you intentionally want to get done for that day. So we're going to talk about the five things that you should really work into a morning ritual to help you settle into that energy first thing when you wake up, okay? So first of all, wake up with a sense of gratitude. Now, when we talk about waking up with gratitude, we want to really focus on allowing ourselves to come into the present moment, right, you're just waking up for the day, and you want to be at peace in that moment to wake up happy and choose joy. And so when you step into gratitude, you come into your heart center over your head, okay?

Now, as your body starts to wake up, you can start to think about the things that you're really, truly thankful for in your life, whatever is present around you, or in your life, maybe it's your family, maybe you're thankful for the home that you have the cozy bed that you're waking up in, or that you get to have a wonderful breakfast, when you wake up. What are you really, really thankful for in your life, that you can just sink into that heart center feeling of form, and really embrace it and expand into it to allow you this moment for peace and joy. 

So when we usually wake up and we start going into our headspace first, that's when we start spinning in all the different directions with different ideas and different things that might be going on. And that's what gives us in a different vibration that may really lower us down and make us feel really stressed or anxious to begin with. But allowing ourselves to come into the heart center first enables that sensation of love and compassion and joy, and comfort. And that will automatically automatically bring you into a different vibration that you can't possibly have on the same on the same level of stress and anxiety. 

So just allowing yourself to do this first thing is going to really amplify that energy for you. And as you continue to do this every single day, living more in your heart center or feeling more into it on a regular basis is going to help you to make more choices in your life going forward, that allow you to feel that same feeling. If it's fulfillment and joy and ease and comfort, you can come back to that same feeling because you are experiencing it on a regular basis. And it's becoming familiar for you. So that allows you to more greatly open yourself up to more abundance and more ease and joy in the coming you know moments in the coming days in the coming weeks. You're allowing yourself to experience that more fully as you practice this more and more. 

And then the second piece that you want to do is visioning. You want to shift from that gratitude space and start visioning the life that you actually want to be creating, right? So come into the possibilities of what is available to you, and what could be available to you. It might be through a vision board that you have, or maybe you want to do this as a journaling practice in the morning, or maybe just keeping a journal on your nightstand. 

Then, you can think for a few minutes about the lifestyle that you want for yourself. What are you designing and creating for yourself? What are the elements and the different pieces that you're working towards? Bring them into your awareness and really focus in on the pieces and how they're making you feel so that you can build the life that makes you truly fulfilled in your heart. 

Doing this in the morning is a really good idea because you're still coming out of that dream state where you are really more in tune with higher guidance. And so you're more available and more open to insights. 

So you want to create this visioning process as part of almost a manifesting process, where you are connecting to that energy of what you truly want. And each day, you can focus a little bit on a specific portion of the vision that you want to create for your life and focus on how that piece of your vision is really front and center for you right now.

This way, you're actually working on some elements of that on a particular day or that particular week, and you'll be really clear about how the actions you're taking and what you're focused on right now with your energy is getting you to that place that you want to be.

Okay, so honing in on specific elements of your vision is what you want to be doing right now. Writing down in your journal, if you're doing a journaling practice, going through each step of what that looks like for you. Looking at your vision board, seeing the elements of what that looks like for you and feeling it in your heart center here.

We're taking these moments to connect with the energy of what you truly want in your life. Okay, so we're still in our heart space here. And we're still tapping into intuitive guidance, and that higher vibration so that we can raise our energy level for the day and know that we are connecting with where we want to be eventually.

Now, the next piece is to really focus on an intention for the day. You want to start with a clear idea of where you're headed, with a really positive connection to that vision that you just looked at. So no matter what your intention is, you want to set the intention. And you want to make it clear what the actions are that you're taking that day to really connect with that intention. 

So if you want to be getting more clients generated in your business, you can set the intention that you will connect fully with the clients that are ideal and right for you. If you're going to be doing a lot of writing that day, you can set the intention that your words can fully bring out the message that the world needs to receive from you. 

Okay, make it something very specific and tangible, that you can focus your attention on for the day. And you know, you're going to be moving forward in the right direction. To get you closer to that lifestyle vision that you have for yourself. 

This is going to set you on a really good trajectory for your day. And you can check in with yourself throughout the day as well to really see if you're staying in alignment with that intention. And taking action that feels meaningful for what you set out to do at the very beginning of the day. 

The next one you want to do is create a light bubble for yourself. So what this does is to actually enable you to protect your energy throughout the day, so that no matter what is going on around you what is happening, and that wants to be affecting your energy, that you are not allowing it to dictate how you show up in the world. So what you want to do is just close your eyes for a minute and imagine a beautiful white light bubble surrounding you on all sides, and keeping you in peace and love and happiness throughout the day. 

Imagine yourself being surrounded by a beautiful, white light bubble that keeps you in peace and joy, and love throughout the day. And what this will do is it'll allow you to feel empowered, in what you allow into that bubble and what you don't. So anything that you want to deflect gets deflected away from the bubble. It's just a an energetic boundary around you. And you are more empowered within that bubble to decide how things may or may not affect you, and how you will react to any situation or any responses or anything that happens throughout the day. You get to decide what pierces that bubble and what doesn't. Anything else that you don't want will be reflected away from that bubble because you are now empowered to live in that bubble for the day of joy and peace and love. 

This is really important if you want to start achieving your goals and creating the life that you want. Because you have to show up in from a place where you own your energy. And you are fully capable and aware and confident in having that power within you to make the choices of how you show up how you frame things in your own mind and how you take action or react to things. So your energy is completely within your own power. And setting these energetic boundaries is a really good practice to start enabling you to be able to think like that and choose show up like that. 

And finally, you want to decide on the top three aligned actions that you're going to take for that day. So we don't want to be overwhelming our plates, and just piling it all on for the day. Because if you have a mile long to do list, and you just only get a couple of things accomplished, you're going to feel really frustrated and upset about that. So get rid of that mentality right now and decide that you're only going to give yourself three to four actionable things that you can get done for that day. Then, if you get more done, you're going to be so much happier and proud of yourself. Whereas if you didn't get very many things done on a huge to do list, you would be upset. 

Basically, we're reframing this to allow ourselves for the most success possible. And when you start taking all of the things away, and you simplify it down, it's gonna feel a lot lighter and easier, and you're gonna be able to build more momentum because it feels lighter, and more, you're more able to kind of tackle all of those things in your mind and in your time and energy. So this particular stuff is coming more into your mind than into your heart. 

As you do this, you're going to start shifting and connecting the two, and allowing you to intuitively decide how you can choose the three best things for you to work on that day. And then come into more of a masculine energy to start focusing in on how you're going to do these tasks for the day. So you can put those things on a note for yourself, put them in a planner, where you can see them prominently. But keep everything else that's that might be on your plate or everything else is in your planner aside, so that you don't have to be overwhelmed by all of the things but that you can just focus on the things that need to get done for that day. And that are relevant for you right now, as you set your intention and work towards the intention for the day.

So you can really think about this as an energy budget that you're giving yourself. You have this set budget for these three to four things. If you have extra energy, after you've completed those things, then you can absolutely go out and do more things. So that it empowers you to feel really good about what you're getting done, and how you're moving forward. 

But if you don't have enough energy, when you're done with those things, and you just want to be done for the day, then that's totally fine, you can still feel satisfied and like you've accomplished things just enough that are within your energy budget that you don't have to feel bad about it. But if you have extra energy, then you get to choose how you show up to use that energy, if it might be to get more stuff done. Or maybe you decide that you're going to do something that you're really passionate about and something that's really fun with the rest of that energy budget. 

Now, we've covered five different things that are really going to help you to be much more intentional in your mornings, to allow you to really set yourself up for a successful day that is meaningful for you. So rather than waking up with all that stress, you've got a clear way to tap into your heart center first, to find that gratitude, to set the intentions to focus on what is truly important for you to move forward in a way that connects with your big vision for your life. And now you're allowing that to connect more fully with your mind as you start creating tangible things that you're going to work towards. 

We're bringing the heart center connected into the mind as we move forward. And this is a much more conscious way to start your day rather than feeling frantic like you just have to get going right away. So take these pieces, be mindful of how you're showing up first in your heart center, and then allowing yourself to expand and connect that to your mind as you approach the day going forward. 

Okay, sweet friends, I hope this helps you. I'm sending you lots of good vibes as you put this into practice, and really start achieving your goals and creating the life that you want to be living in a much more intentional way. I'll see you soon.

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