Allowing For Transitional Space Before A Life Refresh


Whether you’re stepping into the New Year as you read this or your preparing for a new goal, a new way of doing things, or a new season of your life, there’s a real chance to embrace each transitional moment with optimism and a freshness of clarity.

With each transition of time, we release the old and make space for better things to come. So there can be a feeling of emptiness in that space for awhile, and that can be uncomfortable.


It’s important to lean into that space with hope and realization that this space is only temporary. In this episode of the podcast, I discuss how you can embrace this liminal space between where you once were and where you want to go. We cover how mindfulness and open awareness now will give you the ability to fill that space with things that are much more aligned and meant for you in the coming seasons.

Plus, there is also a guided meditation and journaling session to connect you with the clearing energy of this refreshing time and to bring your awareness to what you’d like to draw toward you next.

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Wanna jump ahead to a specific point in the podcast? Here are the time stamps for this episode:

 2:05 Energy clearing

3:37 Getting rid of clutter

4:15 The possibility of rearranging

5:15 Embrace the transition to feel more ease

6:50 Be inspired by the opportunities

9:06 Deep breathing to ground you

10:07 Meditation to lean into a refreshing space

19:16 Journaling session

 Journaling prompts available in this episode:

1. What are you letting go of to make way for something new?

2. How can you appreciate this transitional space as you clear things out and start fresh? 

3. What is it that you're hoping will come into your life through this new space?


Rather read than listen?

Here’s the transcript of our chat from the podcast, in case you wanna curl up with a cuppa and just read through it.

Transcript for the episode:


Soul-Led Living : Podcast episode #10: Allowing For Refreshing Transitions In Life



Hey, sweet friend. Before we get started today, I just wanted to send a thank you to all of those who participated in the your solar year retreat last week, it was a beautiful experience, and really helped us to step into the different energies of the seasons to come this year. And how we can embody those to become our best selves, more balanced, more aligned, and more focused on exactly what we intend for our lives. 



So if you would still like to join that and have the materials in a more self guided way to move forward through this year, you can go to your soul lead to get the lifetime access to the materials and do it at your own pace. Alright, here's your episode. 



Hey, sweet friend. Welcome back to our space here. In this beautiful, brand new year, I'm so thankful that you're joining me once again, I hope you had a beautiful holiday season or a nice break. However you chose to finish up the previous year and step into this new one. I hope it was a beautiful time for you. And today, we're really going to lean into this idea of allowing yourself space to transition. Right and to step out of what was and come into a place of refreshing and allowing yourself the space for whatever new needs to come in. So we're going to talk more about that today. 



Before we get started here, we're going to ring our bell to clear out our energy in our space with some sound. So here we go. (bell rings three times)



Okay, so today we are talking about this transitional space that we're in. And if you're listening to this, as it's published, maybe you're feeling into this moment right now with this transitional energy. And it's really, about whenever we feel like, we need to give ourselves this chance to let things go and move forward in a refreshed energy. And so we get into this state where we're in this liminal space in between what was and what's to come. And it's a chance to transition, it's a chance to, you know, step out of the way things were to grow and expand, but it can be uncomfortable, it can be uncertain. And we can be left really unsure of how things are or how things should be. And maybe just that we're feeling like oh things, things felt good things were comfortable. 



But you know, you need to grow. You know you need to expand into the next step. So there's a lot of clearing out of the old of the, the way things were the use the way that you used to do things, getting rid of the clutter of your life, maybe the actual physical clutter in your life, in your environment, or maybe it's relationships, or mindsets, limiting beliefs, or rituals and practices that it gives the universe a chance to adjust things in our favor to align things with where we actually want to go moving forward, for our best future. 



So when we have these moments of empty space in the beginning, as we're doing this refresh, there's actually the possibility for rearranging, because you can't move things around if it's too cluttered. I mean, think about a space that's completely jam packed with furniture. If you have a huge couch, and you have huge chairs and tables, all in one space. There is no room for rearranging that furniture to make it a better composition and a better layout for you. So you need to create space first by removing things, right, clearing them out, and then having a bit of emptiness for a little while as you start adjusting and deciding where things need to actually go to better suit you. That's the space we're talking about right now, that empty space before we start filling the container back up, okay? 



You may feel a bit in the middle right now between the old and the new. And I encourage you to embrace this time, feel into the empty void of where you are. Meditate journal on it, think about what's coming up the feelings in this moment, as you've already let those things go and practice getting comfortable here. Because it's going to allow you to be more at ease with any shifts and changes in your life to be able to go more with the flow in many different ways if you get comfortable with this empty void. And just realize that, okay, this is the time when energy around me and through me and in the universe is rearranging itself, it's reconnecting and reassigning itself to where I want it to go. 



We really hold on very tightly to things in our lives, we like to control things in our life. So getting accustomed to a transitional space can be difficult, but it's going to support you. And once you can kind of wrap your head around that concept a little bit and just try it out and start practicing and more and more sitting with it, being aware that it's not going to be a void forever, there's not going to be this empty space forever. Things will change and come back in to fill the area. To fill the space. 



Then, you're going to get more excited about this energy, you're going to get more inspired by the possibilities inspired by the opportunity to create it and turn it into exactly what you want it to be. Because that is what you're doing in this intentional space, you are developing the plans, like an architect with a blank paper in front of them on their drafting table, you are about to bring out your drafting tools and start designing what your space actually should be for you. 



So get comfortable with that empty paper for a minute. And just pay attention to the present moment of your thoughts, your body, your emotions, and what it's telling you wants to come out and fill that space in the coming year or whatever cycle of life is coming for you next. And then just come to the awareness that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment. All of what you're thinking and feeling is okay in this refresh in this new start. 



As you start to set new intentions and start drafting those new plans, start rearranging the furniture in your space, things will start clicking. Things will start aligning for you. And as you pay attention, you'll start to see which pieces feels the best and which pieces need to keep shifting. So this beautiful, refreshing space is a time for you to just get excited. Feel into the opportunity and the possibility that awaits you. 



There is nothing that you can't create. But you have to start with this and turn it into something that suits you better for this coming year for this next cycle of growth. 



Alright, so I want you to really step into gratitude for these moments of transition and just breathe. Give yourself time to just do some deep breathing so that you don't get anxious or stressed about what's coming or all the goals you need to be working on and all the things. Give yourself a moment to check in with your breath. Take a deep breath in, hold it for five counts, and take a deep breath out and ground yourself in this moment. 



If you do that a few times and you focus on the possibility of this emptiness that you're going to rearrange and fill, it's going to center you. It's going to give you more positivity and lift your awareness level so that you know you are connected to all that you are drawing in to that space in your life. 



Okay, sweet friend. So, practice this awareness. Practice getting comfortable with this space that you're in. And as you do that, we're gonna go into our short meditation for today to support you in this. So if you're able, go ahead and find a quiet place to sit and you can close your eyes if possible, if not, just listen and enjoy reflecting on this moment. 



So begin with a breath in and out allow yourself to come into this present moment. Feel your physical body right where it is. Focus on your breath and feel your belly rise and fall as you take air in and push it out. Just allow every part of your body to relax into this moment. Let go of any tightness or tension in your muscles and let them fall gently to the ground or in your lap. Relaxing your shoulders. Loosening up your neck and forehead and just breathing into this moment.



Imagine that you're outside with crisp snow under your feet looking out at the sky across the horizon. You feel a crisp breeze in the air blowing against your skin. It begins to snow you can see a light mist of snow gently blowing across the sky, and it feels as though this space is clearing the way for a refresh. A chance to send out whatever was here previously and sweep it away with the crisp snow so that new fresh energy can come in behind it.



And allow this place to feel brighter, fresher and open to new possibilities. To new cycles of growth and change. And you can feel that as the air sweeps across you and blows the snow gently across the grass and into the air and past the horizon in front of you, you feel the releasing of what was and the cleansing of the energy that you are in. 



This is a time to feel rejuvenated. This is a time to feel the newness coming ahead. You raise your head up to the sky and take a deep breath of crisp air into your lungs, and the sky opens up above you. Sending down brilliant white light to surround you and warm you up with the feeling that all is well and all will be exactly as it needs to be.



You are comforted. You know that this moment is caring for you, allowing for this clearing and transition. And you are happy to be embracing this moment of clearing, this moment of refresh, so that whatever comes next will be beautiful and completely abundant for you.



So you raise your arms out to the sides, palms up, taking in another deep breath of air and allowing yourself to feel into this moment.



And then bring your hands to heart center for deep gratitude here. 



You slowly release your arms start feeling your body come back to right where it is. Feeling your neck and your shoulders, all the way up to the crown of your head. Knowing that you are in this refreshing energy right where you are. Take another deep breath in and out. And when you're ready, open your eyes. 



Okay, sweet friends. So I hope you enjoyed that meditation.



I hope that it put you into a positive frame of mind knowing that there is so much possibility ahead of you if you allow for this space for things to shift and pivot and realign for you as you step into a new cycle of life. 



Alright, we're going to carry this forward into our journaling session now. So if you have a chance to get out your favorite journal, or a typing app to jot down your thoughts, then go ahead and do that now. If not just sit with these prompts, and allow yourself to reflect on them as you go about whatever you're doing or as you just say quietly in your space. Okay, so we've got three prompts for today. The first one is:



What are you letting go of to make way for something new?



I'll give you a couple of minutes for this one.



Okay and then your second prompt for today is:



How can you appreciate this transitional space as you clear things out and start fresh? 



And our last one for today:



What is it that you're hoping will come into your life through this new space?



Okay sweet friend, wrap up whatever you're writing for today. 



And I just want to remind you that this is a chance for you to find the good in wherever you are and see the new possibilities that you are creating for yourself, as you are connected to this energy around you and within you.



You are the co-creator of your life. So you get to shift the furniture in your space, you get to decide what belongs and what doesn't. And this is full of opportunity and expansion for you. So step into this space. Remember that you are an incredible force aligned energy. And this is your time to reframe things, and allow for beautiful abundance to come. 



Thank you for sharing this space with me today, sweet friend. I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day.



Just as a reminder, we wrapped up our beautiful at home retreat last week, if you missed that, and you would like to still join in and receive the materials and create your own at home retreat for yourself in a self guided way, then you can still get the material. 



If you go to just grab the materials there, and you'll have access to them to go at your own pace. 



So if you're still feeling aligned, and you would really like to go on that journey and experience the seasonal energies through the year, then I encourage you to go grab those resources which are still available. Alright, my love. Thank you so much for being here and I will see you again soon.


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