Be Gentle On Yourself

How are you giving yourself and others some grace?

You may be feeling pressure to keep making progress whether it be for you work, your kids’ schooling, or anything else. And while it’s perfectly normal to want to keep moving forward, you also need to respect the cycle of life that you’re in.

When you go with the flow of life rather than against it, things become gentler on us and more freeing. Whereas when we try to force things that aren’t meant to happen in this timing, then that’s when we feel resistance and strain.

In this video, I talk about giving yourself and others some grace. Allowing yourself to breathe when needed and know that you will move forward when it’s the right time. You will regain momentum when it’s the right time. For now, just try to have patience and grace with yourself and know that you’re right where you need to be. 

To watch the full video and learn how to more fully step into a place of grace and ease, just click below.

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