Embracing Our Collective Energy

In reality, there is no “me,” only “we.”

The idea that we are separate from each other is lacking the understanding that we’re all part of the collective energy. So in order to really come back to ourselves and know who you truly are, you also must connect to the “we” of our universal energy.

And that can mean so many different things for each one of us. Ultimately, though, we’re at a point where this question is at the forefront. How can you focus on “we” now? That is the question.

As we allow ourselves to tackle this question, we also get closer to what makes us our most authentic selves. What raises our consciousness to allow us to see our role in spreading light in the world. And it brings us in line with our highest path as one piece of the complete energetic puzzle.

You are not here in separation from anyone else. Yes, you have a unique path and purpose, but that path connects you to all of the other energies that surround us. Because it’s all one.

So in answering this question for yourself today you can begin to connect to the higher vibration of oneness and knowing that your greatest good is tied to OUR greatest good. Let’s focus on OUR good as we move forward.

Below you can click on the video to fully watch how you can connect into this oneness to better raise your own vibration and allow for more awareness in your own life as well.

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