Empowering Yourself When Overwhelmed With Too Much To Do

Stress comes at us left and right all day everyday. And that stress gets delivered a lot of the time as expectations, responsibilities, and outside noise that is all vying for our time and energy. And on top of that, when we're striving to make progress toward our own goals and our own vision, we can feel pulled in a million directions. It gets really overwhelming really quickly.

So when you're feeling like everything is piling up on top of you and the walls are closing in, then it's time to press pause and recenter. Come back to your breath. Ground yourself right where you are. There is nothing but the present moment, and all else is a construct in our minds.

Your first focus, and your most deliberate focus, should be on your breath. Your being. This moment in time to gather your thoughts and release. And once you do that, you allow yourself to have a sense of revival. A replenished energy that pulls you out of the vibration of everything being demanded of you and takes you into a space of empowerment. Empowerment to choose your direction. To consciously make a yes or no determination. To activate your heart center and then your clear mental capacity to delineate between what serves you well and what doesn't. What is just noise and random drawing your energy and what is valuable and deserving of your awareness.

And as you step into those spaces with a clear heart and a clear mind, then you can prioritize. You can acknowledge more wholly what coincides with your truest path, your path to growth, and your most abundant path. You can sift out the weeds pulling you down from the nudges propelling you forward.

Because your breath gives you calm for a more focused understanding. Your heart gives you inspiration as a motivating force that calls you forward. And your mind allows you to find meaning in the pieces that truly fit what you're meant to do and who you're meant to become.

So overwhelm turns into choice when you consider yourself empowered. It dissipates into clutter that can be swept away when you first come back to yourself.

And it can melt into opportunity as you say "yes" to self-compassion and purpose above all else. Overwhelm is an energetic holding pattern. But there is always a choice. Honor your choice. Honor your power. Release the weights and reclaim yourself.

Go ahead and watch the video below to learn more about how you can release the overwhelm and come back to center. Sending you lots of love, sweet friend.

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