Feeling Behind On Your Goals

Things come up in life. We get distracted, overwhelmed, and sometimes things just don't work out the way we expected them to go. Whether it be for the day, the week, or even the year, it can feel defeating to think that you're just not meeting your goals or staying on track to achieve what you actually want.

That’s when we start feeling that separation and lack around not being where we want to be. But our path will always take us through twists and turns. There will always be distractions and things that come up to take us off course. It's our job to work our way through those distractions to see them as opportunities from growth and learning rather than hinderances. Even the smallest of things can be a chance gain more clarity, know ourselves better, and then regroup.

It's a chance to switch to a different path, realign with the one you already had, or accept that maybe a bit of both is now in order. We can't know the one perfect way to get to where we want to be or even that that's the right endpoint for us to begin with. We've gotta adjust with each step.

We can only know what we know now and make decisions from that vantage point. And when we take the next step and learn from it, then we adjust again. So the vision and goals that you have for yourself aren't set in stone. And you shouldn't get down on yourself when you realize that you've gotten off track somehow. Just take those moments to feel appreciative that you've been given another opportunity to clarify the path that's truly right for you.

Go ahead and watch the video below, sweet friend, and discover how you can be more accepting of your life’s path and wherever it may be leading you in this moment.

I’ll be here sending you lots of good vibes along the way.

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