Get Past The Fear And Take The First Step To Achieve Your Dreams

Many times fear and assumptions keep us from even getting started on the dreams that we hold for our lives. We stay stuck, worried about what will happen if we move forward. Worried about knowing all the right steps to take on the staircase to reach our dreams. Worried about judgment and our value and all the things. And our fear gets the best of us and keeps us from even trying to succeed or step into the life that we're actually meant to be living.

But if we don't ever even take the first step, then how will we ever manage to get to where we eventually want to be? It's this stagnancy that can consume us to the point of letting go of our big dreams if we let it.

So we've got to look at how we can give ourselves permission to take that first, smallest step to start building some kind of momentum. To activate our solar plexus energy center in order to be willing enough to put our motivation above our anxiety. And to show ourselves that the fear in our heads wasn't really true at all. And that we're much more capable and powerful that we had given ourselves the chance to be before.

You can start embodying the traits of the person you know you want to be in order to get a glimpse of what's possible for you. And little by little, through intention, letting go of assumptions, and focusing on one small way that you can step into the person you know you truly are. You can melt away that fear and create a snowball affect for yourself in building the confidence and action-taking energy you need to make the life that you want a reality.

Just click on the video below to watch and learn about the power you have within you once you get out of your own way and give yourself permission to take the leap you’re meant to take.

Sending you lots of positive energy to take the first or next step, sweet friend.

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