How To Stop Expecting Too Much From Yourself

We expect so much of ourselves all the time. In doing as much as possible. In taking on more than what’s reasonable. And in thinking we should have accomplished something by a certain point.

But this judgment of ourselves is based on arbitrary ideas that we live our lives by. This concept of time. The idea of linear progress. It’s all relative to our constructed reality. So at some point, we’ve got to detach from how everything in our lives ends up. From what we can accomplish to what the endpoint looks like. Because control is a fallacy. It’s only our own mindsets and energy that we choose.

So by reframing all of the deadlines and things hanging over us to be more fluid as opportunities for observation rather than judgment, we can actually gauge how far we’ve come instead of what we’re lacking. And by distilling down all of those expectations into more simplistic focus points, we can alleviate much of that pressure to overextend ourselves beyond what feels satisfying and enjoyable.

And in doing that, we choose empowerment over beating ourselves up. Pride in taking our time over frustration in not doing enough. So if you’re pressuring yourself over what you have or haven’t done, then detach. Detach from the outcome and consider that your growth isn’t dependent upon a set period of time. Your goals don’t have an expiration date. And maybe, just maybe, what you were so sure you were supposed to be or do by now needed to shift for your highest good.

By cutting ourselves some slack in doing so much, we can actually open up to more satisfaction and fulfillment with what we are doing. And how we are growing.

So watch the video below and really consider where you’re judging yourself today and whether detaching from what you’ve put upon yourself may actually feel more empowering than chasing after those arbitrary outcomes.

Loosen up the reigns. Be willing to adjust your timetable. And see how liberating it can be when those expectations start dissolving away. Sending you lots of light and love as you lighten the load on your shoulders, sweet friend.


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