How Intentional Living Is More Than Just Slowing Down

When you've got big ambitions, the last thing you wanna do is slow down. Because slowing down means you're not getting to your goals fast enough. But at the same time, you're tired of hustling. And you just want to do the things you love while also living your life.

So how do you live intentionally and not always have to be slowing down in the process? Well, this is where energy comes into play. Because we all have a masculine and a feminine energy within us. And we each have one side that is more dominant than the other.

But if you don't respect both, the driven, ambitious side and the intuitive, flowing nature, then you won't ever be able to fully honor all of your soul's needs. There will always be an imbalance of your energy, and with that, a disproportionality in how you're showing up in your life.

That's not to say that you have to have equal parts of both. Your drive may be incredibly strong. And you may have lots of goals that are propelling you forward. Yet your feminine side is also asking you to be guided from within. To allow. To embrace. And to give time for joy and ease.

While the flip side is where you fully live in your passion, your intuition, and your creativity. But that focus and confidence to move forward needs a boost to activate. So our souls call us to find the moments where each energy is relevant for us. Where the feminine energy serves us in self-compassion and connection. And where the masculine fulfills us with growth and progress. And living with intention must encompass both sides to truly fill us up.

So watch the video below and ask yourself how you are choosing to honor both sides of yourself in your life right now. And now that you know that this beautiful play of energy exists, what will you change to be more in alignment with what your soul truly needs?

Sending you lots of good vibes as you work out this balance in your own life going forward.

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