How Many Goals To Focus On And Manifest At One Time

 Sometimes we get caught up in the expectations of having to always be going after these huge, lofty goals and constantly be expecting ourselves to do more and be more.

But how much is really enough to get us closer to our ambitions and to feeling like we're moving forward in our lives while at the same time giving ourselves the grace we need to take things one step at a time and just breathe?

We don't always have to be hustling. We don't always have to be going a million miles a minute. And cramming tons of goals into our agendas isn't going to leave us feeling excited and inspired to keep going at the end of the day. It's just gonna lead to overwhelm and exhaustion and giving up.

So how can we find that line where we're still moving forward but be present to enjoy our lives?

Once again, we come to the idea of the masculine and the feminine. The balance of all that we are. The merging of our ambitions with our intuition. And the purity of existence in a state of constant ebb and flow.

Today, I'm asking you to consider focusing on three very deliberate types of goals at any given time. Goals that won't leave you depleted but rather ignited with purpose. Goals that will motivate you toward you big vision but also respect your boundaries. Goals that will give you an alignment in who you are while bringing fulfillment right where you stand.

Figuring out how many things to work on at once isn't the right question. What is relates to how your truth needs to be expressed at any given time. How you are being called to grow and learn and share your gifts with the world at this moment in time. And how you are showing up to manifest the life and business that you're meant to have starting now.

Those are the questions that should be driving your efforts. Those are the points that can steer your focus in the direction of your personal truth and your best life. Today I'm just offering a bit of practical advice to accompany these insights. So take them in stride and find where this all fits in for you.

Sending you lots of light and love on your journey.


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