How Self Care Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

Most of us live in societies where everyone is going a mile a minute. The constant hustle surrounds us, and when we’re in that energy, there’s a pressure to keep up and maintain that same level of momentum.

But what if instead of constantly pushing to achieve everything and do everything, you gave yourself the chance to relax and step back?

What if you decided to put your goals aside for a moment in order to focus on yourself, your wellbeing, and who you are?

Maybe that creates a bit of anxiety in you or maybe that feels like exactly what you need.

Either way, those feelings are ultimately telling you the same thing:

That time for self-care is a necessary part of keeping you balanced.

If you were feeling the anxiety about letting everything go for a bit, then that could be a sign that you’re holding on too tight. You’re trying to control everything in your life including what happens next. But by doing that, you’re just gonna burn yourself out and come to the reality that the more you force things, the harder they become.

So, by bringing up those lower energy vibes of anxiety and worry, that should be a red flag that you’re living at your best energy level.

Now, if you really do feel like you need a better way to work in self-care on a regular basis, then it’s really just a matter of making it a priority.

And in this podcast episode, I’m talking about why exactly it should be one of the most important priorities that you set.

Because it honestly will help you move the needle on your goals and the life you want to live a whole lot quicker than if you were hustling all the time.

You just can’t sustain that. And why would you want to?

This is the point where you trust yourself and the universe enough to know that everything really will be okay, and honestly even better, if you just slow down and take time to breathe.

That’s why my suggestion is that you listen to the podcast below and then take some time in the next day or so to really lean into how you can nurture yourself right now.

Think about what your soul is telling you that it’s craving. And then cater to it.

Be respectful enough of yourself to build some time in. Let everything else go for a while, and just be you.

If you do this, I’m betting it’s gonna be a whole lot easier to get back to those goals with more motivation when it’s time.

Alright, sweet friend. You can listen to the podcast episode by clicking the link below. 

I’ll be here sending you so much heart-warming energy as you lean into your feminine side.

Here’s the complete transcript for the podcast, just in case you’d rather cozy up and read through it with your favorite cup of tea in hand.


By now you know that you need to create some sort of balance in your life. But do you actually have it?


It’s really easy to get caught up in daily life with all of the to-do lists, the boxes to check, places to go, and people to see. We set expectations high for ourselves and then we want to achieve all that we set out to achieve, so we get into a constant state of busyness to stay on top of it all.


But when was the last time you actually checked in with yourself?


I mean actually checked in with yourself and did something that was self-nurturing.


You see, many of us live in a constant state of masculine energy, and if you’re anything like I’ve been my whole life with chasing goals and setting the bar high on expectations of myself, then you most likely have been living predominantly in that masculine energy, too.


Yet, that is what keeps us off kilter in not only our daily lives but also for the long term.


Because when it’s all constant hustle and trying to achieve more and do more, then there’s never anything left over. We lose the moments of our lives, the excitement of synchronicity, the joy of caring for ourselves, and the beauty of opportunities along our paths.


We are meant to grow and learn in order to expand. That’s just how we continue to uplevel and reach greater levels of awareness. But, if we continue to push and force our way into the future without any aligned flow and balance to that action, then that’s when we begin to actually stifle our growth.


You see, in order to expand into your fullest potential, you’ve got to be willing to flow with life and ease up some of the time as well.


That means creating the space to come back to your center, understand who you really are and what you actually need to fill your cup, and giving yourself the chance to honor that voice inside that needs to be heard and cared for.


This is the feminine side of your energy, and it’s just as important as the masculine.


If you don’t bring this side into the equation to balance out your energy, then you run the risk of burning out or even just going through life checking all the “right” boxes without ever stopping to ask if those are things that you truly want or that will make you happy.


Tapping into your feminine nature will support you in confirming what lights you up and fills you with unbelievable joy. It’ll guide you in having self-compassion and leaning on practices that comfort your mind, body, and spirit. And will give you the nurturing support of self-love every single step of your journey.


So you’re never left feeling completely exhausted, unfulfilled, or like you have nothing that inspires you.


The feminine brings you back to yourself after all of the hard work that keeps you headed toward your goals and rejuvenates you with intuitive healing, creative sparks, and celebrations of your soul.


So if you’re feeling like you’re ready to put aside the schedule and the goals for a bit, then maybe your feminine energy is whispering to you that it’s time for a reset.


If this is the case, then it’s probably the time to also start thinking about how you can bring more of this side into your life on a consistent basis. It’s not just a one time thing where you take a spa day and then you’re all good for the next year.


You need to cultivate a sense of self and appreciation for what you need on a consistent basis in order to feel centered in mind, body, and spirit every single day. When you show up in this energy, you choose to be stronger, more stable, and more conscious around who you are and where you’re headed in life.


And that matters.


Because no matter how many goals you have or what you want your life to look like, when you honor yourself, then that energy radiates out into everything that you bring to the world.


Your purpose, your relationships, your communications, your manifestations, everything.


Self-care is the cornerstone of living a life where you have the strength to be fully present and be fully capable of stepping into your power to create your own reality.


So whether you’ve knocked it in the past or you just wished you could find the time to take a day to yourself, now is the moment to realize that caring for yourself is non-negotiable.


Now, let’s talk about the burn-out concerns for a second. When you’re a driven person, then you most likely fill your plate and are constantly working toward something.


That’s not to say that you’re not spinning your wheels on busy work half the time, but you constantly find ways to stay engaged with important projects or things to do.


But in order to maintain momentum over the long haul, especially if you’ve got bigger dreams that you hope to achieve, then it’s important to realize that you need to keep your energy aligned and strong. Hustling is incredibly depleting, and there will come a time when it backfires.


So why even do that to yourself at all?


Take a step back, look at the big picture of where you’re headed, and realize that the journey to get you there is the one that’s meant to be enjoyed. 


There never really is an endpoint. Only in our minds. It’s the journey that truly makes the difference in our growth. So if you can find ways to enjoy the journey and make it as fulfilling as possible no matter where you are along the way, then you can reduce an enormous amount of stress and overwhelm that would have otherwise been on your shoulders.


So if you build practices into your life that help you in finding your center, getting to know yourself, caring for your mind, body, and spirit, and allowing you to reduce the noise around you and reflect in for awhile, then you’ll be less susceptible to stress at any point along the line when something aims to throw you off balance. You’ll know yourself enough to let it deflect away, and you can maintain your sense of stability knowing that that hurdle is just one minor obstacle but that you are an incredible force.


You’ll know and feel that you are grounded and supported, and you’ll have the rituals, practices, and activities to recenter you in that knowing each and every day.


So then, these feminine practices also become a means of not only relaxation and calm but also of focus as well. When you tap into your feminine, you get a clarity of mind as you listen to your intuition and that helps to remove all of the buzz around you so that you can home in on exactly what you need in each moment.


There’s a real beauty to the stillness that gives way to an expanse of insight. But you can’t find that unless you willingly let go and release control over everything else in order to just “be” for a while. To let life guide you and to open your heart to what it’s calling you to do.


In those moments of feeling into your path, you can begin to truly find your focus.


So how can you start to implement some of these feminine practices into your life and find more balance?


Well, you’ve gotta start creating the space to go within. Get rid of all that noise around you and just hear what’s coming from your heart for a moment. 


Journal, meditation, listen to soothing music, dance, sing, paint, look at the moon, or get connected to Mother Earth.


And tap into the moment that you’re in. Don’t be afraid to feel whatever emotions need to come out, and be present to honor them within yourself.


That’s where you start. And then you can build rituals and practices from there to give yourself a recurring means of connecting to this flowing, water energy in your life. Once you do this a few times, it’ll get easier to release the structure around you, break down those barriers to your soul, and just feel into what will nourish you. 


Remember, life is a cycle, and it has a flow to it. So you won’t always have times of calm and nurturing, but when your mind, body, and soul are telling you that’s what you need, then it’s time to listen.


Your energy will know when it needs a reset and when it’s ready to be active again.


Listening with an open heart and an open mind will give you the capacity for greater abundance in the future as you expand into allowing many new possibilities into your life.


Be well, sweet friend. And honor what’s calling to your soul as you go forward.


Feel more prepared, aligned, and rejuvenated as you go into the week ahead.

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