How To Approach Your Personal Year in Review

Doing an individual year in review is so important to chronicling the progress that you're making along your lifelong journey. It allows you to make everything that you've experienced more tangible in relation to your goals, priorities, and personal development. Because when we're going through our day to day lives, we're so close to what's going on that we can't see the bigger picture of the evolution that is happening.

That's why the end of the year is a great time to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and to acknowledge that there actually was some kind of growth over the course of the year. Even if you feel like this was not the best year for you and so much seemed to be happening "to you," there are still things that have come out of those experiences that you can look at as positive and up-leveling.

So in this video, we talk about how you can take a look at all that's happened in your life this year in the context of the growth and expansion that has occurred. This may be from learning new things, creating a different mindset, connecting with people in a new way, building on what you've been doing, or just having some sort of gratitude for what was present for you.

Everything is relevant and valuable, and each thing that you've experienced or worked through has moved you forward in some way, shape, or form. So we are stepping away from the perspective of any stress, frustration, or worry that may have been present for you, and we are doing this year in review from a place of empowerment to see what you can take responsibility for going right in your life. The choices you've made, the actions you've taken, the mindsets you've established. Those are the things that we want to absorb right now in order to build on them going forward.

If you want to start the next year off with momentum and plenty of opportunity, then you've got to come from an elevated energy standpoint. And that means having gratitude for what you did have this year and for the ways that you did grow as a person. So when we place our attention on what empowers us, then we can expand even further in the next cycle because we are already matching that level of awareness and the capability to match the energy of what we want to grow.

This is why when you look at your current year, it's important to step away from your ego and from overthinking it in your mind. Just own the choices and actions that you took. Acknowledge them from a place of respect for what you knew or were capable of doing at the time. Observe all that occurred as a means of shifting you to a new point in your personal evolution. In the end, this is really all that our goals are meant to do: bring us to a higher level of being and closer to our most authentic selves.

So as you watch the video and look back to review the year that you've had, look at it in terms of growth, purpose, and gratitude. And from there, you'll open yourself up to seeing new opportunities for the coming year in a more expansive, empowered way.

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