How To Be An Observer Of Life

Today I wanted to share how we can acknowledge our feelings about what is happening right now but also to pull ourselves out of that immersion and see the bigger picture. Both aspects are so important for us in order to center ourselves while still respecting our emotions.

So even if you’re not fully able to see beyond your own current struggles right now or the intensity of the global impact, you can do a little each day to practice this intention of being an observer. Maybe you can reflect on the day and try to separate out your judgments. Maybe you can journal about your feelings and then mediate on how they’re connecting you to others in this moment.

Do what you can to respect what’s coming up and also see it as part of an evolution that we are in. And if it feels too heavy to do that, you can visualize yourself as a bird rising above all of this and seeing the world through that lens without judgment but solely observation. Just give yourself that space without judgment for a minute and see where that leaves you.

You can click on the video below to hear more about how you can step back and observe as best you can. Sending you lots of light and love.

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