How To Let Go Of The Outcome When Creating Your Vision

Sometimes when we have a really big vision of what we want to achieve in our lives, we get locked into it. We see it as this ultimate end goal that we need to achieve, and we push ourselves hard to get there.

But when we create the big vision we have for our lives and we set all of our goals, we do it from a place of what we know right now. With the things that we’ve experience up until this point. The knowledge that we’ve gained to get us to our current state. And with the current energy that we resonate at.

So how can we expect to put together a vision that allows us to step into our highest potential based on the limitations that currently exist for us? We can’t. That’s why the big vision you create for yourself needs to be fluid and used as a compass for you to guide your life by. Not something that is the end-all, be-all of what you ultimately need to achieve.

Because you still have a lot of growing and expanding to do. And with that expansion comes new knowledge of yourself, your circumstances, and your energetic awareness. And from there, you can make adjustments to that vision by thinking bigger, shifting the things that don’t totally align for you, and connecting more deeply with what you’re truly capable of creating.

So rather than attaching yourself to this one right outcome that you’ve predetermined for your life, have grace with yourself. Be flexible with how things go along the way. And know that this is just the first draft of your vision. And by allowing yourself to let go of how it all comes to fruition, you open yourself up to even more possibilities and abundance.

To get started in letting go, watch the video below and consider how you might be willing to loosen your grip a bit on the things that need to change right now.

Lots of love to you, sweet friend.

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