How To Listen To Your Heart Over Your Head

Most of the time we go about life making decisions by thinking through our options and different ideas. And we can get into a place of overanalyzing all of the different avenues that we can take, almost to the point of exhaustion and complete overwhelm.

So we can either stay stuck in a place of comfort by just going with what we know to be safe in what we already have. Or we choose to gather up loads of information and input from everyone else in order to make a decision out of what other people say is right. But in doing either one of those things, we give away our power. We allow our egos and the world around us to dictate how we should lead our lives rather than giving ourselves permission to make the decisions from a place of confidence and clear knowing.

In order to step into the energy of our fourth Chakra, lead from the heart, and know that we are truly doing what feels good in our souls, we've got to give ourselves the space to be able to set aside all the expectations, the judgment, and the noise. And just listen. Listen to what's coming through to us in this instant. Listen with an open heart center. Listen with the willingness to trust. And know that our heart's truth is the only answer that will guide us along our highest paths.

No amount of weighing the options in our minds can compare. Or any guru's guidance on the best way forward. Only by releasing yourself from the constant workings of your mind and giving yourself permission to trust what your heart says in this very moment will you be able to expand into your truth. The truth that will give you to greatest potential of being who you're truly meant to be.

That doesn't come from overanalyzing or listening to that voice keeping you comfortable. It comes from understanding how your inner guidance comes through and being willing to follow it. Your heart knows the way, sweet friend. Now is the time to listen.

So click on the video below and start dropping into your heart center to move you forward on a more aligned path today.

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