Knowing How You Want To Feel In Your Life

Sometimes in our lives we need to take a step back and look at the motivation behind what we're doing and where we're headed. It may be that you've been spinning your wheels just to keep busy doing all the things. Or maybe you've been working hard on some goals, but you're not really sure whether those are things that you want anymore.

In order to get to a place where we're truly happy in our lives and where we're accomplishing things that actually mean something to us, you've first gotta get super clear on the why's behind it all. And when it comes down to it, your why is really all about the emotions that you want to feel in your life.

These are the core desired feelings that you want to feel on a regular basis in your life, and these should guide all of the decisions that you make and how you show up to take action.

So if you've been working hard but don't really feel like it's making a difference at all, then chances are that something is misaligned. And now is the perfect time to take that step back and assess.

Even if things feel pretty good but they could be better, then it's highly likely that you haven't really nailed down what those core feelings are that you want to feel in your life. Trust me when I say that once you figure this out, everything else becomes a lot clearer.

You'll start to recognize if something fits into your priorities or not, whether you need  stronger boundaries, and what things may be lacking that you need even more of in your life. Plus, knowing yourself on this level will give you more confidence to show up in your power and own the decisions that you make.


So, going through the exercise of figuring out how you want to feel in your life really is worth its weight in gold.

That's why in this podcast episode, I'll be talking about how you can actually figure out what you wanna get out of life. What it's actually providing for you on an emotional and energetic level so that you can get super clear about your intentions.

This way you won't be doing things like building a coaching business and seeing clients everyday if you really just want to have a sense of freedom and flexibility in your schedule. You won't be taking a promotion at your office job if you really just want to spend time feeling creatively inspired with the work you're doing. Or you won't be spending every weekend running around to a million soccer games and gymnastics classes when you really just want to have some connection to nature as a family.

You see, you get to shape your life around what's important to you. But if you don't understand the underlying emotions that are important, then you're not gonna have anything to base your decisions around. Our feelings connect us to our souls and allow us to tap into higher energy levels in order to become our best selves. Without the feelings, we're just going through the motions and checking the boxes for what someone else decided was a successful life.

You deserve more than that. And I want you to have all that you're capable of creating in your life. 

So go ahead and listen to the podcast by clicking the link below to learn how you can establish your core feelings today. I'll be here sending you lots of good vibes along the way.


Here’s the complete transcript for the podcast, just in case you’d rather cozy up and read through it with your favorite cup of tea in hand.



Hey sweet friend,


Welcome to our space here together. And this is our very first episode of the new podcast. So I just want to share in that joy of stepping into this space with you. And being able to celebrate these moments where we get to come back to ourselves for a second and clear out all the noise that's surrounding us in life. And just breathe deeply into where we are in the present moment. Use this as an opportunity to dive further into who we are, what we know is the truth of ourselves and what we want for our lives, and what we want to be creating and doing and expressing in the world. 


And as we move forward throughout this journey of life, and creating our realities, through every single moment in our choices, our decisions, the things that we think the feelings that we feel, the actions that we take, in order to achieve our goals, and create the life that we are meant to live. So as we come into this space together, please use this as an opportunity to regroup and recenter on your truth. 


We're going to be doing a lot of energy work and some shadow work and diving into some mindsets. And also the masculine side of thinking about our goals, planning out the next year or the next five years of our lives, or looking at the really big picture. Because it's important to do all of these things right to work on our inner worlds, as well as our outer worlds. Because they go hand in hand.


When you work on the inner world first, you can express that outward to create your reality. And that's how we're going to live more consciously. And to purposefully choose how we show up each day, and how we can live more mindfully and joyfully. Rather than having everything on the outside, taken in and affecting us. 


We are instead creating our own realities by showing up and presenting our own way of being emanating that out into the world as an expression of our truth. So let's take this moment to come back to center today. And we're going to be really focused on the core feelings that you want to be feeling in your life as our intention for today. 


So before we start into this, we'll just take a minute and we're going to clear our space with a little sound clearing. Here we go.



So if you hear a little bit of background noise, because I’m in my new sunroom, meditation, and workspace, which really allows me to kind of be immersed in our new environment in Colorado. And there's a lot of background noise because I can hear the energy of the kids down the street. I can hear the birds chirping. I can feel the breeze coming in, and I can hear it blowing through the trees. And there's real energy here in this space. 


And I kind of wanted to share it with you here. So I'm going to leave the windows open. I'm going to allow this energy to come in and be expressed in our space together because it's part of where we are in this moment. And it allows us to really ground into it where we are. Okay, so today, we are talking about knowing the core feelings that you want to feel in your life. 


And, you know, I just pulled a couple of the cards from my new Oracle deck Moonology. And this is such a beautiful deck. It really corresponds to the moon phases and how we can utilize those in our lives, to work with those energies that are kind of pulling us to embrace certain aspects of ourselves at any given time. 


So the ones that I pulled today are actually the new moon in Pisces and the full moon in Pisces, and irrelevant of where we are actually, when you're listening to this in the moon phases, they actually are expressive of being able to step back and meditate and contemplate and to balance your spirituality with the practicality. Okay? 


So I pulled these, because we want to be mindful here of what we are trying to create in our lives. If we are constantly showing up in an energy of hustle and going nonstop doing all the things, we're not being mindful about how we truly want to feel in the moment through what we are doing and expressing. So it's important for us to take a step back, and to really meditate and contemplate here on who we are, and how we want to feel. 


This is that new moon energy in Pisces. So it’s a beautiful card, with the two fish swirling around each other, in a sea of turquoise stars behind the new moon energy. I love this card and the intention behind it. So as we go within, you can start to think about well, how do you really want to feel in your life? How do you really want to spend your days, your weeks, your months? Your years? Do you want to spend them feeling creative? Do you want to spend them feeling free and alive? Do you want to spend them feeling love and joy? 


What are those core feelings that you truly want to sink into and ground into on a regular basis that will truly make you feel whole, like you are coming back to yourself and like you’re home basically. You’re home in your own feelings and in your own skin. And you are allowing these things to to be part of your reality on a consistent basis. 


So we do this by first establishing, okay, what are these significant feelings for you that you are just completely drawn to and that will absolutely make you feel like your best self. Now for me personally, comfort is a really big core feeling. Everything I do I try to build in comfort and ease into it the way I create my home environment, where we choose to live as a family, and how I choose to work and create my projects and bring them out into the world. It all needs to be through a means that is comforting and peaceful to me.



How I present myself in the world is comfortable, laid back relaxed, warm and inviting. 


So those things are very important to me in how I live my life on a regular basis and on a seasonal basis. And just going forward the vision that I have for myself and my family. 


So as you take those core feelings, and you start to develop them more, right, you intuitively start fleshing them out in your mind and you kind of hone down into, you know, three to five core feelings that are very important to you. Then you can really wrap your head around how you are actually living your life now, in regards to those feelings. 


Are you feeling free right now in your job, in the place that you live, in the relationships that you have? That is, if freedom is one of your core feelings that you would like to have. 


Are you embodying strength, if you want to feel strong and empowered every day? Are you showing up to lead others, to guide them, to feel your strength in your body, and in your mind, to expand your mind to gain more knowledge? How are you showing up to feel strong in your life, if that is one of your core feelings. 


So this is a time, when you get to balance the spirit within you that is craving these feelings. wanting them to be part of your reality. on a consistent basis, you get to sink into that, and embrace those right now. And see where there may be a gap and see where you can practically bring them into your life so that you can close that gap and align more with your best life. 

Okay, so this is balancing that spirituality with the practicality in that full moon in Pisces. We focus on what our truth is, right? You come inside, into your inner knowing. And then you allow that knowing to guide you practically in establishing the life that you truly want. 


Core feelings are the initial driver to that. Creating your own reality is not just checking the boxes, living the life that you're expected to live or that you think will get you to be successful. We're coming back to center here, giving you a moment to breathe into what feels true and honor what will actually feel fulfilling, will actually fill your cup, and will give you that sense that you are home in your life. 


You are home in your being, you’re home in your truth. So I'm going to give you a few minutes here with some journaling prompts. And just take a few moments to listen to the music and allow your inner knowing to guide you in responding to these questions. 


Don't think too much into it. Just let the answers flow from within. Give yourself the space to write down whatever comes to mind. And don't read too into it until later when you can come back to it and reassess. But for now just let it flow and really any answers that you feel needs to come out. 


Okay, so go ahead and get your journaling materials ready. If you’d like to have a special journal and a pen where you like to write down your thoughts, or maybe you just like to type it into a special app or somewhere where you can keep it handy. Go ahead and find your selected spot now. So to get started, just close your eyes for a moment if you're able…



And breathe deeply in both at the top of the breath. And release. Do one more time. Breathe deeply in at the top of the breath and release. Okay, we're going to set an intention here. That we may honor what we truly want to feel and express in our lives as we get to the core feelings that are meant to guide our paths. 


Okay, so when you're ready, go ahead and grab your journal. And their first prompt is:


1. What feelings do I want to feel in my life on a regular basis?


Just take a moment for any and all thoughts to flow.



When you're ready, you can move on to the second prompt. 


2. How do these feelings support me in being my best self? 


Okay, and your last journaling prompt is:


3. What would my life look like as I bring these feelings into my reality?


Okay, sweet friends. So as you wrap up your journaling practice today, think about how you are getting to know yourself better. 


By doing this practice, you are understanding more of who you deeply are, rather than who the world is telling you to be. So you are reframing your power and your energy, and you are coming back to knowing that you create your reality. This is a very powerful step, as we are raising our vibration to a point of self responsibility, and self empowerment, to know ourselves enough to be able to move forward in taking actions that will transform our lives. 


So this is really connected to our Solar Plexus energy center here, where we are gaining confidence in understanding our truth and who you actually are as a person. And as a spiritual being, mind, body, and spirit here. 


This exercise isn't just about writing some words down on a page that you would like to describe your life. No, it's more about getting to know yourself on a deeper level, to be able to then take that and as we said, balanced the spirituality and the practicality to turn that into tangible steps that will move you closer to goals that feel more aligned to these core feelings, that feel aligned to the life that you want to shape for yourself. 


Okay, so going forward from here, you can take some time to reflect on the responses that you wrote down for your journaling prompts and really decide what types of actions would allow you to start implementing these things in your life. 


So maybe if, if you decided that you wanted to be stronger and feel stronger and more empowered, maybe that means for you that initially you want to focus on the health of your physical body. And so you may initiate a yoga practice in the mornings or evenings. You can take tangible action steps to start putting that into practice for yourself. 


If you decided that you wanted to live a more spiritual life, and you wanted to feel connected to the energy of the universe, then you might take this to create tangible action steps to put together a meditation practice or time where you can learn more about mindfulness, getting grounded with the earth, connecting with the universal energy, maybe learning more intuitive practices, any specific steps that will help you to start shaping your life in these ways, okay? 


So we're taking first, the inner knowing, and we're moving it forward into the real tangible pieces of our lives. This space here today has been a chance for us to come back to center and to release all the noise. 


And in this moment of time, we're honoring our truth of what we want to feel that water elements, that flowing of emotion, the feminine side of ourselves. And embracing what truly speaks to that. Giving ourselves the gift of stepping into our joy and whatever helps us to feel whole and supported and nurtured, and whatever other feelings that you want to create in your life. 


These are the basis of align goals and an aligned life rather than just the checkboxes and the requirements and the expectations. So as you move forward today, sweet friend, come back to this knowing. Come back to what you want to feel and how that may be expressed going forward. 


This is the first step in creating a life that supports you in expressing who you truly are in connection with your highest, fullest expression of yourself. I can't wait to see how you bloom. Enjoy the rest of your day, sweet friend. I'll see you soon.

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