Letting Go Of Judgment In Favor Of Connectivity

Oh the judgement! There’s so much judgment coming up right now for many of us watching the news, debating about whether our leaders are acting responsibly, thinking about whether our fellow community members are taking the proper precautions. So many judgmental thoughts right now.

But here’s the thing about judgment: it pushes us further away from each other and from our best selves. It brings about an energy of separation because we’re thinking about how we don’t agree in some way with what the other person is doing or saying. Instead, judgment makes us think that we know better or have a better idea of how something should be.

This is not the energy we need to be in right now. Yes, it is completely natural for us to judge, and we all do it all the time. But now is the time to acknowledge it and try to reframe those thoughts. No one has the answers right now. Everyone is doing the best that they possibly can in making choices with whatever they have to work with right now. Maybe that’s their own mindset, maybe that’s with resources, or maybe that’s just because of their own values and experiences.

When we have judgmental thoughts, our energy ratchets down, and we lose that connective vibration that we need to get through this. We lose the awareness that in working as a collective we are stronger. We lose the idea that everyone has value, and everyone can be our teacher.

So if you find yourself judging at some point, acknowledge it. Claim that mindset in the moment, and then reframe it. How can you see that other person as doing the best they can? How can you see how we’re all in this together? How can you let go of the idea that you know better than someone else?

Let’s keep our vibrations high and stay as connected as much as possible through this time so that we’ll rise and get through this as a collective.

You can watch the full video by clicking below to start surrendering your judgment today and living with a lighter and freer mindset right away.

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