Living Your Purpose In Different Ways

In this video, I’m chatting more about how we live out our higher purpose in a time of uncertainty. How we are driven by an intention for our lives right now. And how that intention may feel distant right now if you’re feeling stuck and unable to connect in-person with others.

But purpose doesn’t just come with one big, swooping action that’s always face-to-face. It doesn’t always come as a result of career or schooling. Sometimes our purpose requires us to shift into an alternate way of living it out.

And in this cycle of global transformation, you may be called to find a different way to have purpose in your days. That doesn’t mean that your purpose is any less valuable right now. Sometimes life just allows us to see different possibilities and grow into where we are at the moment.

Purpose is about choosing to align with your inner truth in big ways, small ways, and in-between ways. It may allow you to be very interactional with people at some points and at another it could mean that you are just setting an example or being positive.

This cycle of our lives is just a way for us to choose a different avenue of living purposefully right now. Or maybe even wake up to it. Either way just know that purpose comes from your choice to follow your core beliefs, to honor what you know in your heart, and to live by that knowing.

However you see that coming to fruition today is right for you in this moment. You have purpose right where you are ❤

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