New Moon Manifestation & Shifting Mindset April 2020

With the beginning of the new moon cycle, it’s a time for us to reassess and position ourselves for the coming month. Right now in 2020, there are some deep questions that you can be asking yourself in order to move forward as the person you’re truly meant to be.

Whatever you’re feeling right now, just know that this work WILL help you to shift into your highest self. Maybe it’s the tiniest first step you can make or maybe it’s putting the pieces together for what you’ve been feeling for a long time. Either way, it’s time to choose where our energy goes and how we make our lives count. Do the inner work with me. Open yourself up to ask the deeper questions. Feel into this new moon energy as it helps us grow. There is always something beautiful to uncover. We just have to look.

So watch the video by clicking below and start making the shift to look ahead with love and compassion for yourself and all of those around you.

Feel more prepared, aligned, and rejuvenated as you go into the week ahead.

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