Staying Grounded And Centered For Strength

We have to have a strong foundation to build off of in our lives. And this is where our root chakras come in.

The root energy center houses the energy around our survival needs and our basic requirements for life. This includes health and wellness, safety, financial security, and anything that is necessary for you to feeling stable and secure.

So in times of uncertainty, you may need to come back to your root chakra to ground yourself in knowing that you are safe, secure, and healthy. Even after this is outbreak all over and we’ve all gone back to work and school, this foundational energy is so important in giving us a baseline of strength to draw from in order to build our lives.

When we know that we have strength to hold us up, then that’s when we can truly grow with ease and comfort. We can build our lives without holding back or worrying about whether the basics are covered during the tougher times. And we’ll be able to bring ourselves out of the stress reactions that keep us in fear and anxiety so much more easily when we work on grounding ourselves in a solid foundation.

This is why I’m offering this affirmation to you today in order to tap into this root chakra energy. Say it to yourself several times of day or when you feel a bout of fear and stress coming on. Connect it to a time in your life that you can remember when you have felt safe and secure and healthy. Know that you have those things in your life once again as you say this affirmation.

And if that’s hard for you to feel it’s true right now, then start with whatever you can acknowledge is keeping you stable right now. Affirm it and claim it so that you can create more of it going forward.

Here’s your affirmation:

I am grounded in knowing that I am safe, secure, and taken care of.

I am grounded in knowing that I am safe, secure, and taken care of.

I am grounded in knowing that I am safe, secure, and taken care of.

And so it is, sweet friend. You are creating a stable foundation for your life and a strong means for you to grow into the person you’re meant to be.

You can watch the video below for more on how to feel stable and safe whenever you need it the most. Lots of love to you.

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