Taking A Moment To Pause For Some Stillness

Today, I wanted to give you a little push for some stillness. You may be juggling a lot right now depending on your family situation and responsibilities. I know at my house with the kids and my husband at home things have gotten a bit crazy!!

So, yes, we may be juggling and doing our best with getting by right now, but this is still a time that deserves some mental space. It deserves us taking a moment to regroup, breathe, and just be.

Because those moments are really what will move us forward right now. Not crossing off the to-do list. Not doing all the things. Just having some stillness.

That’s where we give ourselves the mental break and the space we need to clear out the cobwebs. That’s where we open ourselves up to guidance. That’s where we can surrender to receiving for a moment. And just allow and be.

So if you find yourself doing lots of busy work or juggling everything right now, then take a step back. Know that stillness IS important to moving us forward. By allowing yourself that time, you’re giving yourself and the world a wonderful gift of more clarity and expansion of our collective energy.

Go ahead and watch the video below and consider some ways that you stillness can support you in your own life as well.

Be well and be grounded, sweet friend, and know that I’m sending you lots of light and love on your journey.

Feel more prepared, aligned, and rejuvenated as you go into the week ahead.

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