Taking Aligned Action During The Waxing Moon

The waxing moon phase is a perfect time to look at the actions you're taking that intentionally connect with where you want to be in your life. Because this energy is all about the doing. Mindfully stepping into action to achieve the intentions in your heart. And creating growth for yourself along the way.

But in order to really lean into this energy, you've gotta make sure that the actions you're taking are consciously chosen and aligned to what feels true and authentic to you in this moment. The things that are going to allow you to become the best version of yourself. And that bring your inspiration into being. And by holding the feminine intuitively in your heart while you also move forward in the masculine, you give yourself this beautiful nudge forward to gracefully accomplish all that you're meant to be and do. Without pushing. Without feeling resistance. And without overwhelm.

Growth is a process of unfolding by means of stepping out and experiencing life. And this is the time to step out, to embrace whatever intention you have right now for your soul's growth, and to acknowledge that you by choosing to take action that feels expansive, you then connect to your highest path.

So watch the video below and take the waxing moon phase to heart, sweet friend, as you look at the intentional actions you are taking right now and how they're furthering your growth along this journey. Each step is revealing more of who you're meant to be.


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