Using Spontaneity To Break Up The Monotony Of Daily Life

While we need a routine to stay productive and keep ourselves sane, it’s still important to break up the days. After all, when we start feeling low and in a rut, our vibration can be lowered and really affect our wellbeing as well as what we attract.

So right now, it’s very important that we try our best to keep our vibrations high and find ways to create joy, inspiration, excitement, and happiness right where we are. That’s why I’m suggesting that you take at least one day a week for spontaneity. One day with no routine, no rules, and no expectations. One day to free yourself from what you are doing as your “new normal” routine. And just see where that day takes you.

Give yourself the space to create something new, do something unexpected, or just let loose. You need this right now. We all do.

So just know that in taking the time to be spontaneous and raise your vibration, you’re actually contributing to our collective vibration and allowing us all to be one step closer to peace and joy right now. Do this for yourself and for all of us. Let’s raise our vibration together.

Go ahead and click on the video below to start thinking about how you can allow in more spontaneity into your life and see where life takes you.

Feel more prepared, aligned, and rejuvenated as you go into the week ahead.

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