Visioning And Envisioning Practices For The Future You Want

In order to have an idea of where we’re going in our lives and to start really connecting to that vibration so that we can make it a reality, there are two really powerful practices that you can adopt to bring your energy closer to your ideal.

You’ve probably already heard of doing some visioning. Maybe just around the concept of creating a vision board or maybe in other exercises. But as we look to the future and consider the greater possibilities, visioning really solidifies the goals that we want to create. It brings everything together into a larger composition that makes sense in the context of your life or work. But without the second piece of the puzzle, it’s just a concept.

So in order to really harness the power of visioning, we also need to couple it with “envisioning” practices. With envisioning, we actually allow ourselves to step into the moment we’re trying to create. To connect our mental perspectives with the energy of how it would truly feel to be immersed within that scenario. And we cultivate the emotion and viewpoint of that point in time in a meditative state of the present moment.

It’s about going through the motions in your mind. Feeling the feelings. Embodying the person you’re meant to be. And claiming it in your consciousness so that you already know that it’s possible and that you’re capable of achieving it. With these two practices in your life, you can elevate your awareness of how you show up day-to-day, how you make decisions, and how you take action.

These practices will connect you even deeper with what truly resonates in your soul and what’s meant to come out. So that you can approach life with confidence, purpose, and alignment along the way.

Just click on the video below to learn more about how to couple these two practices and finally start tapping into the feelings of your vision in real life.


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