What It Takes To Be More Creative And Inspired Everyday

Sometimes ideas and inspiration just doesn’t feel like it’s coming to us. Our muse appears to fade, and we’re left wondering how we can be more creative or give ourselves a boost in creating those brilliant ideas that we want to express. But when we’re feeling a lack of creativity and inspiration, then we sink into a lower vibe that detaches us from the very thing that we’re craving.

So how do we get it back? Or how do we bring more creativity into our lives on a regular basis?

It always starts with going within. Separating yourself from the noise around you and allowing what’s inside to be heard. And with that, remembering that nothing ever changes unless we change. Unless we do things differently than we’ve been doing them.

By changing up our circumstances, our perspectives, or our way of working. By being more open, more flexible, and more willing to see another side of life. And by consciously connecting with your muse, it will start connecting with you more as well.

So this process is one in which we must tap into our feminine power. Embrace the water element within us and not be afraid to let go and open up. We are vessels that need to be willing to receive. And with that receiving, we’ll be able to give more freely in creative expression.

So watch the video below and consider how you will open yourself up today.

What will you do to be more receptive to what’s inside and what possibilities lie beyond your current awareness?

Your inspiration is just beyond what you currently see. And it’s up to you to peel away the layers and see it with fresh eyes.

Sending lots of beautiful energy your way, sweet friend.

Feel more prepared, aligned, and rejuvenated as you go into the week ahead.

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