Why You Need A Sacred Space


When you hear the term “sacred space” what comes up for you?


Do you think about a meditation room with lots of pillows, some incense, and a Buddha statue?


We all have the typical images in our minds of beautifully serene spaces for meditation and yoga. But how do we transfer those ideas into a means for us to create meaningful space in our own lives and in our own personal ways?


You see, creating sacred space isn’t just about the neutral-toned meditation room that’s beautifully decorated. It’s about cultivating the time and space for yourself to get away from all of the noise and busyness of everyday life and come back to your center, in whatever way that feels best to you. 

You might not want to meditate or do yoga or have an altar table. You might just want to curl up with a good book every so often and just enjoy a cozy moment to yourself.


Or you may choose to establish a time and place for you to spend time on your creative pursuits and feel more inspiration in your life.


No matter what speaks to you, the idea of creating space in you life is truly about retreating from everything else and coming back to some mindful moments that help you feel whole. 


And it’s not just about the environment that you design for yourself, either, although it usually begins with that. But as you develop a sense of sacred space, you’ll begin to establish practices and routines that enable you to further cultivate your inner space as well.


Your intuitive knowing. Your mindset. Your energy. Your emotions. And how you balance it all to bring you back to your center.


So in this episode of the podcast, I’m talking about why establishing a sacred space for yourself is so important to living an intentional, aligned life.


Because think about it. When you show up rejuvenated, you offer more positive energy to the world and also attract higher levels of what you want into your own life. And that’s worth spending a bit of time to do, so why wouldn’t you do that more often?


And to get you started in doing just that, we’ll also be going through a short guided meditation and journaling practice in this episode to cultivate a little bit of space in your day right now.


Just click on the link below to listen to the full episode and take some mindful moments.


Here’s the complete transcript for the podcast, just in case you’d rather cozy up and read through it with your favorite cup of tea in hand.



Hey, sweet friend, welcome back to our space here today. I'm so grateful to have you here with me. And today, as usual, we're gonna have a little chat. And then we are going to do a short meditation and journaling session. So before we get started today on diving into why you need a sacred space in your life, and what that really is going to provide for you, I'm going to just take a moment to clear our space here. So that we may have the clearest focus for what we're doing right now. So I'm going to go ahead and ring our bell and clear the space.



All right. Today, I want to invite you to open your mind to the idea of creating sacred space in your own life. Let's just think about that for a minute. Having a sacred space, what does that mean to you. It might mean having some kind of place where you can spiritually Connect. It might mean a place that's all your own, where you can go to just rest and restore your energy and feel revitalized. It could be a physical connection for you to your body. Or you practice yoga, or Tai Chi, or Pilates. Anything that makes you feel very grounded, and focused and more deeply to connect with your center with your truth in that moment. 



So you don't have to worry about everything else going on around you, or happening to you. But you have this one moment, or many moments in this space of your own, that give you the chance to anchor in yourself. Anger and what's you makes you happy. And by doing that, you are elevating your energy to a much higher point of bliss, and joy. And that matters. For all that you want to do going forward in your life. This will help you move forward. 



So why does it do that? Why does it help you move forward when you're actually retreating and stepping back? Well, the thing is that if you continue going a mile a minute, you continue hustling, you continue doing all the things for everybody, and living up to all the expectations, trying to chase all the things, it's going to catch up with you energetically. And you're not going to be able to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Because you're going to have a disparity in your energy level. 



So you need to give yourself that space to catch up to regroup and refocus. When you want things in your life when you have goals and ambitions. They're at a certain energy level. And you need to bring your awareness up to that same energy level to be a match for what you're trying to achieve. 


If you burn yourself out, if you are going constantly and you're overwhelmed and stressed, then you're going to be in such a lower vibration that you're not going to be a match for the things you want in your life. I mean, what's the whole point of that, right? We're trying to live a more intentional life that makes us happy. So why would we run ourselves into the ground so much? Why would we continue to force and push our way through our goals when taking a step back and relaxing is actually going to get us there quicker. 



Creating a space for yourself is going to give you the means to slow down, get present, come into your own thoughts and feelings from a few moments and really start to hear your inner voice more to understand who you are at your core and what that means in your life. 



How you want to show up in your life, how you want to live each moment, how you want to practice your passions and find your joy. This is the space that's going to give you that time to do that. 



Checking all the boxes doesn't really matter at the end of the day. But when you live for moments of intention, and you live for these times where you can find yourself, and you can experience joy, and inspiration and contentment, and calm and peace that is going to bring you so much more growth than you ever possibly could have, just by chasing your goals, or just by running around trying to achieve all the things. Okay? 



So sacred space is a space that you make it to retreat from the hecticness of life and come back to your center in whatever way that that resonates with you.



If it's creative, if it's spiritual, if it's physical, it's connecting you somehow in yourself and in your truth. And bringing you back to a mindful moment that you can have all to yourself, this is gonna give you clarity to move forward, this is going to recharge your energy to those higher levels, so you can show up more fully. And it's going to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. 



A lot of people think that creating a sacred space might mean setting up an altar table or a meditation room or something like that. But you get to decide. Everything is about empowering you to make choices consciously for your own life for what suits you best. So if you feel called to set up an altar table for yourself, then you can do that. And you can have time to enjoy that space and to connect fully there. 



If you feel called to meditation, then you can most certainly set up a meditation room. If none of those things resonate with you, then find something that does Okay, maybe it's just having a cozy knock to read some books every single night. And snuggle up with a warm cup of tea. Maybe that's all it means for you to bring you back to feeling like your your whole self again, like you are rejuvenated. Like you can go on to the next thing and you feel restored. Maybe all it takes for you is having a really great book and a warm blanket. And that's okay. 



Or maybe you want to go all out and create a huge ritual for yourself every weekend. You want to have a singing bowl, where you can cleanse the energy of the space with sound, and you pull some tarot cards, and you do a full journaling session. And you go all out every Sunday. And that's okay to find a way to create a beautiful space for yourself that feels comforting and calming, and connective to you. 



And the outside sacred space that you create will allow you to step inward to create space inside of yourself. That is truly we want to get to here: the inner space that you are cultivating. How you are going within to understand yourself better to hear your intuition, what it's telling you and how it's guiding you in your life. Giving yourself moments to consider your outlook on life. How you are approaching things that come up. What is your mindset? Are you open to receiving the abundance that's available to you? How are you limiting yourself diving deeper into those limiting beliefs, the blocks that are coming up for you and reframing those things? 



This space gives you time to do that. And it gives you time to also actually create rituals and practices in your life that make you feel more aligned to your true self. Right, so how are you establishing practices like maybe reading every single night, having a tea ceremony just for yourself, creating a journaling practice, establishing a yoga routine, any number of things that you create as a ritual in your life that really anchors you so that you know you can always come back to those things when you need them the most. When you're feeling misaligned, when you're feeling disconnected, when you're feeling out of sorts, and stressed and overwhelmed. 



You can come back to this space and those rituals and practices to know that you are empowered in your life and that you can make choices that bring more intention to your life. Because you get to change the story. You get to shift your reality. It doesn't happen to you, it happens from you. And sacred space allows you to have moments where you understand this and you come back to that knowing of who you truly are and what you are capable of. 



Okay, so it's not just about creating a beautiful meditation space with some pillows on the floor and you know, a nice altar with a Buddhist statue. It's not about that. It's about creating a surrounding that lets you come back to yourself so that you can feel calm and comforted, reduce the noise, and start cultivating that inner space where you get to know yourself again and where you get to embrace who you are again and know that you are empowered moving forward in your life after you step out of that space.



Okay, sweet friend. So I want to just take all that we've been talking about today and move this into our meditation. And really ground into this knowing that a sacred space will support you in all that you need and want in your life. It's there to provide for you in what you need. And so let's just come into a comfortable seated position. And if you are able today, just go ahead and close your eyes.



Breathe in deeply into your belly. Hold at the top of the breath and exhale. And do that once more breathing deeply. into your belly. Holding at the top of the breath and releasing. 



Just imagine yourself in a space that feels soothing to you. Somewhere where the energy of your mind, body and spirit feel comforted, calm, content, inspired, and connected. What does that space feel like to you?



Pick out the details of the space that you're in whether it's inside somewhere or outside in nature. What do you find there that brings you comfort and happiness? Just allow yourself to soak up that environment. Breathe in the energy of the space. Imagine that warm green glow is emanating throughout the entire environment around you.



It's getting closer to you, drawing in. That warm green glow is pulling into your heart center. It's allowing you to feel peace throughout your whole being. You can feel the energy of that green glow emanating through your entire body. Bringing you happiness. 



As you look around the space, you smile to yourself knowing that this moment brings you peace and fills your heart with love. You are surrounded by all that makes you happy. 



You can feel your connection to this place deeply in your heart and within your whole being. And you place your hands gently on the ground here and feel the warmth through your palms. The energy going all the way of your arms and into your body now.



This space is love. This space is calm. This space is connection, and you are deeply connected here to yourself and to all of it is. And the green, warm glowing light that is within you now starts stretching out beyond you again into the space and even beyond that out into the world.



And you know just being here allows you to show up with beautiful energy in the world as you go forward to share this compassion and connection that you have to yourself and move forward to share it with others. 



Your heart is full, and you are filled with so much gratitude now. You bring your palms together now and bring them up to your heart center. You are grateful for this moment of peace and how it is allowing you to focus your intention on the present moments and all of the abundance that is available to you now.



The green, warm light around you starts to dissipate. You lower your hands to your sides with palms facing up. You are ready to receive this abundance as you go forward in your life.



You are now connected to joy and peace. And you are capable of bringing this into every moment of your life moving forward.



So you take a deep breath in and out. Start to come back to your body right where it is.



Feeling your fingers and toes shaking out your legs. Moving your neck from side to side. Just breathing your for moments, connecting with the breath. When you're ready, open your eyes. 



Okay, sweet friend. I hope you enjoyed that meditation. And that you were able to really connect deeply into an environment that felt really soothing to you. So let's take that and go into our journaling practice for today. So that we can flesh out these ideas for you of what would actually allow you to recharge your battery and to bring you back to your center.



Even if you don't have a journal and pen, you can still do this with us today by just taking some moments to contemplate the questions that I ask. And really tapping into your heart center here to allow you to feel into the responses. Don't worry about going into your head and overthinking it. Just go with whatever first instinct comes to you the first thing that you feel and allow yourself to go with that.



So when you're ready. I have three journaling prompts for you today. The first one here is:



How can you take moments to retreat from the world and give yourself time to regroup?



Just take a few minutes with that question. 



Okay, now for your second question. What activities allow you to recharge your battery and get more fully connected to what makes you happy?



Okay, and one last prompt for today. If you could fully connect with yourself and get back to center, what would that mean for you in your life?



Okay, sweet friend. So let's wrap up our journaling session today. And just bring it back with a reminder that sacred space is important for allowing you to come back to your inner knowing and embrace the power that you have within yourself to create your reality each and every moment of your life.



So if you'd like to move forward with creating space for yourself and just taking moments to start establishing a routine and finding time and space where you can be fully present with yourself, then I've got a video series and some journaling pages for you. To first help you establish a Sunday routine that really helps you to ground in to a place where you feel joy and you feel alignment with yourself. 



You can find that at thesoulleadpath.com/sundayroutine. So if you are really interested in making this a priority in your life, then now is the time to start. Because you can't afford to take any more time away from yourself. You can't afford to take any more time feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lacking direction. This is the time for you to get back to yourself and get away from all the noise in your life telling you what to do, what direction to take, what's expected of you, what you should be doing.



Just bring yourself back to your center and develop some space and some practices that really mean something to you and help you to know yourself better. Okay, so if you're interested in first establishing that routine for yourself on Sundays, then go to the thesoulledpath.com/sundayroutine. And from there, I'll guide you in starting this routine for yourself. And then I'll show you how you can create a sacred space all your own. 



Okay, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing this space with me today. I'm so grateful for you and that you are showing up to live your life more intentionally each step at a time. I'm sending you so much good energy as you move forward on your path to create the life that feels truly authentic and whole for you. I can't wait to hear how you bloom. Talk to you soon.



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