The Bountiful Bundle

Is About Leaning Into Each Season Of The Year To Make Progress And Feel Incredibly Fulfilled and Whole.


Creating the beautiful life you want is just a matter of knowing yourself, getting really intentional, and putting your energy and actions into the right things at the right time to create a lifestyle of soul-centered purpose and joy.

Four Magazine-Style Journals

Within each seasonal journal, you receive content and prompts to help you work on your mindset, renew your energy, fuel your soul, and take action toward your goals and the vision you have for your life.

Pages of Journaling Prompts

To support you in doing the inner work it takes to build your confidence and trust in yourself, get over limiting beliefs, and understand what success truly means to you.

Energy Work, Rituals, & Creative Activities

To bring your energy back into balance as you tap into your chakra centers and practice a more soulful way of being through mindfulness and energy awareness exercises.

Inspiring Interviews & Articles With Audios

To guide you in tapping into your inner knowing and provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals and move forward each day with confidence, ease, and grace.

Four Guided Meditations

For each season, you'll receive a guided meditation to coordinate with the energy of that cycle. These mindful practices will give you the space to go within, to gain further insights for yourself, and to bring more awareness into your days.

Some of our meditations and suggested rituals include confidence boosting, staying grounded, and morning visioning. These are provided in both video and audio format to support you in whatever content fits your lifestyle best.

Mantra cards, tea recipes, and more


We give you consciously chosen additional resources to raise your vibration, help you bring more of a mind, body, spirit connection into your days, and to enhance your journey with ease and flow.

For all four seasons, you'll receive a beautiful digital bundle that speaks to the energy of that cycle of life.

Amber McCue

"I love it!! In the busy, busy time-stretched days I live today, this magazine bundle is the collection of joy and peace I need to recenter and live each day with intention." 

Laurie Chin Sayres

"I feel like I made such incredible shifts. I have so much gratitude."

Kimberley Fristed

"Your downloads and guidebooks are so pretty!!! I often don't print downloads in color..But I absolutely love yours. I'm definitely printing in color!"

Tenae Stewart

"Bountiful (journal) is a beautiful product that feels both grounded and inspiring. It is so beautifully designed that it's a pleasure to return to again and again and the clean, fresh layout feels like a full screen experience - an opportunity to block out the noise and clutter of the outside world and take this moment for yourself.”

Get the full collection of journals, meditations, & all the extras to keep you intentional throughout the entire year.

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Erin Meadows

"What a thoughtful, valuable, and BEAUTIFUL product! Every page is a gift for the eyes and the soul."