1. Knowing How You Want To Feel In Your Life

Knowing what you want in life is something that comes with knowing yourself better. Sometimes we spin our wheels, stay busy with all the things, or just work hard on goals that were make out of expectation. But when you actually step back and decide how you want to feel in your life, then deciding what you want to do or what goals to set becomes much clearer. By determining the core feelings you wanna feel in your life, you’ll start to recognize what’s really a priority and what will bring you to your happiest self. So in this episode, we talk about how to figure out what you truly want your life to feel like and why that matters for you. Plus, we’ve got a meditation and journaling session at the end so that you can create some intentional time in your day to actually get still and get to know yourself better. So sit back, grab your favorite journal, and get ready for a bit of personal growth and a lot of intention.