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A DIY retreat package to plan seasonal, elemental cycles that help you grow and reach your next level goals while also feeling in balance and at peace with your life.




I Need This!

Led by

Kristen King, Founder of

The Soul-Led Path

It's time to go beyond traditional New Year's resolutions, goal-setting techniques, or ideas for creating more balance. You're ready to merge mind, body, and spirit for a fresher, more aligned approach to achieving goals and living in-tune with yourself.


Through this self-guided retreat package, you’ll learn to combine the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water

and holistically organize your year with each season so that you can make the most of your energy and move forward with flow and ease.


air in spring

for our wisdom & self-awareness

fire in summer

for our confidence & motivation

water in fall

for our creativity & intuitive flow

earth in winter

for our grounding & rejuvenation

The Details

*A DIY retreat kit with recorded sessions and journaling pages to cover the elemental energies.
*A mix of goal planning, tarot, guided meditations, journaling, yoga, astrology, and more.
Lean into your year with more of a mind, body, spirit connection and see how it feels to live life more in tune with yourself and where you're headed.

Your Retreat Video Leaders


Your Primary Retreat Guide,

Kristen King

Kristen is a best-selling author, certified Energy Leadership Coach, Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner, tarot coach, and creative. Her mission is to help spiritual, multi-passionate women design an intentional life that helps them achieve their soul-centered goals and that gives  them gratitude and alignment every single day.

Shay Hrobsky

Shay is a soul-fueled business and marketing coach who uses her skills in Human Design and mindset consciousness to support women in aligning with the life and business that is right for them.

Tenae Stewart

Tenae Stewart is a practicing cottage witch, a certified astrologer, a coach, and a published author. She is on a mission to embody simplicity in magick, astrology, and self-care.

Jane Hodson Lockhart

Jane is a heart-centered yoga instructor, writer, and owner of JLUX Designs. Through her mastermind program, Jane helps service-minded entrepreneurs combine their communication efforts with self care and creativity techniques. 


Kerin Monaco

Kerin Monaco is a Mystic and Intuitive Guide for Feminine Healers and Lightworkers who long to step fully into their spiritual mission and confidently share their soul's magick with the world. 



This retreat is for you if you...


*Have a deep desire for an intentional life that fills you up but are uncertain about how to actually get there.

*Are a passionate, inspired soul who wants more out of life than just checking boxes and living for what's expected and would rather be guided by your heart to accomplish big goals.

*Are multi-passionate and inspired to do many things but get overwhelmed by what it takes to get to where you want to be and don't know how to start on specific projects and see them through.

*Have a vision in your mind of the life you would love to live and feel anxious that you haven't already created it.

*Feel more spiritual and heart-centered and are tired of hearing that you have to hustle and follow a very masculine way of being in order to achieve the success you desire.

*Want to feel more in flow with life and like you are allowing the pieces to synchronistically come together without pushing

*Are ready to tap into the energy of the seasons and the cycles of life that you're in and create more balance and harmony in every single day.

*Want a fun, spiritual way to approach the new year rather than the typical goal-setting strategies.

What Your DIY Retreat Package Includes...

Free Access Pass


*Access to four days of retreat session videos including special meditations and speakers during the retreat

*One bonus day of viewing at the end of the retreat

*Downloadable Preparations Guide to keep you on track for all sessions and help you in making this a great retreat experience

*Access to the pop-up Facebook group during the retreat



I want FREE access!

Full Retreat Package


($297 value)

*Lifetime unlimited access to 22 retreat session videos including special meditations and speakers

*Downloadable Preparations Guide to keep you on track for all sessions and help you in making this a great retreat experience

*Downloadable Retreat Journal workbook including all of the prompts within the retreat to create your own soul-led goals and continue to stay aligned with your intentions throughout the year

*Three downloadable guided meditations to clear your energy and support you in every cycle of life

I Need This!
 "(Kristen) encourages everyone to self-reflect on what drives, motivates, and equally important, what inhibits us from being the best that we absolutely can be."
-Lois R.
"Kristen has a strong, intuitive ability to help multi-passionate women gain clarity, focus, and balance so they can create and pursue a life that is in alignment- spiritually, personally, and professionally." 
-Erin M.
"Kristen helped me transition my life in a way that I never thought was possible."
-Harley R.

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What You Can Create From This Retreat:


#1 More clarity on how you can put your energy toward the things that matter to you most


#2 More peace and contentment with where you currently are in your life and how you are balancing your time in ways that feel good to you


#3 More connection to what truly motivates you and the ability to use that to achieve more of your deeply desired goals. 


#4 More space for grounding and rejuvenation when you need it most throughout the year.

Bring a balanced, elemental flow to your life and see more progress and alignment than you've ever experienced before.

I Need This!

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